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Marley Toben, LCSW

I specialize in working with individuals who have been destabilized by trauma, whether it be a single event trauma, such as a sexual assault, or trauma endured over time, such as emotional neglect in childhood. Sometimes enduring trauma may result in chronic self-invalidation, self-doubt, avoidance, or anxiety. Other times it may result in emotional numbing, barriers to sexual intimacy, or trepidation about setting and maintaining boundaries. Trauma can take many different forms, each worthy of recognition and care.
I apply a holistic and integrative approach to treatment, meaning that I use many paradigms and techniques, such as acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal processes, attachment, and internal family systems perspectives to help clients move through life’s challenges. I am so honored to help folx adopt an empowered, compassionate, and informed lens through which to reflect on difficult life experiences so that they may cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful life.


I am also passionate about helping folx of the LGBTQIA+ community unburden themselves of minority stress by identifying and detaching from unhelpful society and family expectations while receiving affirming and sex-positive care.

Marley Toben LCSW

I write letters for gender affirming care and am eager to support trans and nonbinary folx in their transition.

I believe that a comfortable and collaborative relationship between therapist and client is one of the most powerful agents of change. This means you won’t see me nodding furtively behind a clipboard or dodging your inquiry. I strive to foster a safe, nonjudgmental environment wherein curiosity is totally celebrated.


LET'S CONNECT: 919-502-0033


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