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intentionally designed retreats for queer folks,
by queer folks with a focus on cultivating joy

because we all deserve to play

Group of happy multiracial friends having fun together on the beach, dancing and laughing.
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Relationship Retreat
Colares, Portugal

Join us for six days of play, pleasure and peace, with your partner(s) and with new friends in beautiful Colares, Portugal. Expect a wine tasting and tour, hiking, exploring a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and opportunities for expanding community, investing in joy and connecting with your partner(s). You just show up, and we'll take care of the rest. 

who we are

who we are

Queer woman on a beach

Brianna (she/her) is a queer cis woman who came out later in life. In learning her queerness, Brianna came to dismantle societally imposed beliefs, values and expectations that led her to change the ways she interacts with her world. She altered her relationships, changed her job, moved and found some of the most meaningful moments happen inside of community. Brianna is a therapist by training, and while she sees the immense value in the therapeutic relationship, she has craved opportunity for radical authenticity that can only happen outside of the therapy room. As a retreat leader, Brianna is excited to be able to more authentically show up with all of her own musings, dreams, and excitement about inhabiting her gender and sexuality in a celebratory way.

Queer Person on a Beach

Marley (she/they) is a gay, genderqueer human whose sexuality has been joyfully certain for most of her life while her gender identity has been under tender re-evaluation for just 1.5 years. As she inhabits new ideas about herself that feel both strange and resonant, Marley is humbly reminded of the enduring nature of self-discovery. They are loving getting to know the 13-year-old boi inside of them who’s been desperate for some air time. They just generally nerd out on this identity stuff - what is it, how does it evolve, and why do we judge it so harshly? As a therapist and retreat leader, Marley's passionate about helping others learn to have fun with identity and is hella grateful to walk next to folx in this process as she continues to learn herself.

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